sábado, 20 de diciembre de 2008

CRM News : Payments & Accounts Receivables:

Sleep well at night knowing payment alert reminders are being sent out automatically to hundreds or thousands of clients 15, 20, 30, 60 days in advance. Generate complete and accurate payment reports, improve your account collections and manage your clients all under one system.

CRM News : SAP Outlines SMB Strategy at CeBIT

SAP has ratcheted up its campaign to increase its middle market customer base with the rollout of several new applications. At the CeBIT trade fair now taking place in Hannover, Germany, the company introduced an enhanced All-In-One application that offers some 80 micro verticals and is componentized even further for rapid redevelopment by partners and deployment by customers. In addition, SAP announced plans to deliver updates to its Business One product line, designed for the smaller end of the SMB market

CRM News: Inventory Management:

Enjoy the power to manage your inventory safely and securely in real time. Enjoy being able to handle single units to thousands of units in one size fits all program. With just a few clicks you can update units with new appreciated prices and keep track of every price history increase or decrease. Our system security levels ensure units are not sold twice to different buyers and prices are always accurate.

CRM News: Sales Force Automation:

Maximize direct sales by tracking all of your prospects through a fully customizable sales pipeline. Set up sales teams in different offices, automatically distribute leads, track the progress of each lead with each sales executive and much more.

CRM News : Marketing Automation

Create a stream of new prospects and automatically follow up with them via email, tasks, meetings or calls. Use CRM to pre-qualify prospects so you are spending 80% of your time selling qualified leads versus cold leads. Lets this powerful real estate marketing software follow every email, meeting or detailed information about each prospect. Never forget about important information again with hot prospects!

CRM News : Security in CRM

Security is one of the biggest concerns involved in your day to day business. We have invested in some of the most sophisticated security software and systems to allow just that. Using a real estate CRM increased the safety of your data by over 95% compared to using traditional outlook or excel sheets.

miércoles, 29 de agosto de 2007

mySAP CRM: The Offcial Guidebook to SAP CRM Release 4.0

SAP has recently been pushing hard its mySAP, in part to reach a larger market. Here, we see the buildout of its CRM version 4. Replete with many use cases [examples] to help the reader gain expertise. One case is to generate a repair order. The screen capture for this example depicts a GUI that is rich in many options that the reader might need for her situation.